Dream Fever Magazine features Sam Roloff

In July 2015, I was featured in Dream Fever Magazine, below is the article. Here is the direct link to the magazine.


Dream Fever Magazine

Dream Fever Magazine

In the age of Photoshop, I want the viewer to look at my paintings and know they were created by hand and brush. Unlike airbrushed models, I want the world to see my scars. I attack my canvas like the doctors approach my body, bold and unforgiving.   To do this, I keep a lot of the drawing corrections on the canvas in a sketchy like quality. This also preserves the energy of the marks on canvas without being contrived or forced.

My style is unique in that I treat my canvas like panel board and my oils as if watercolors. Often my brushes are worn and frazzled adding a bit of chaos, much like reverb with a guitar and amp.  For me, I find the process more interesting than a polished finished piece. I want the viewer to be able to see how the painting was constructed, like peering behind the curtain, revealing the truth. Much like my body, I can’t walk down the street without reveling my truth.


Lately my passions have included creating videos that showcase each painting with a “blessing like departure” into the public arena by revealing the inspiration and method of creation. You can view some samples at www.YoubTube.com/samroloff   Five years ago I made the conscience choice to quit my day job and follow my lifelong passion of being an artist.