A Night At The Moulin Rouge


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An intimate evening of variété, music, and comedy in the Bohemian style.

For one night only, we will transport you to early 20th Century and take you away to the Moulin Rouge where we will celebrate the art and performance that took place at this great moment in history. The night aims to have an experience similar to what took place in the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris.

Come see the Can-Can Dancers, Dance Apache, Classic Juggling, Clowns, and More! All set to the music of the era played live by Pink Lady and The John Bennett Jazz Band!

Our cast for this evening will include the following entertainers:

Pink Lady – Cabaret Chanteuse
Russell Bruner – Song & Dance Man
Brittany Walsh – French Clown
Curt Carlyle – Dapper Juggler
Sam Roloff – Toulous Lautrec
Paulina Munoz – French Apache & Can-Can
Zora Von Pavonine – Burlesque & Can-Can
Alicia Doerrie – Can-Can Dancer
Erika Ryn – Can-Can Dancer
Rachael Reis – Can-Can Dancer
Leah Bazzano – Can-Can Dancer
Mallory Freed – Can-Can Dancer

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Sam Roloff as Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec DWilf

Sam Roloff as Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

Sam Roloff and Holly Green Portland Oregon 2013 DWilf

Sam Roloff dressed up as Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec in “A Night at the Moulin Rouge”