Portland Love Show 2011

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Saturday, February 12th, 2011
Free! All-Ages!!

See if you can find this painting, with over 300 artist, is might be a challenge

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Gallery Homeland
Portland, OR

POTLUCK/FOOD DRIVE at the Opening:

Share the Love with FOOD!

*Bring a can of food to donate to the Oregon Food Bank

*Artists will be bringing food to share with you, and you are invited to make something yummy to share with them. Please bring your stuff on a non-precious platter, and put your name and number on the bottom if you’d like to get it back.

This years show features work by OVER 300 ARTISTS


The Portland Love Show began in February 2006 at Launch Pad Gallery with the goal of creating a safe and engaging space to highlight the many different types and attitudes that abound about love.

The show was initially a response to the annual deluge of heterosexist, consumerist, romance-centric advertising that Americans experience each year leading up to Valentine’s Day, but over the course of the last 5 years, it has evolved into a diverse art happening in the hands of the participating artists.

This years love show is presented by Launch Pad Gallery, Po’Boy Arts, Chris Haberman Presents, and Gallery Homeland.

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