Olympia Doctor’s International Art Collecting Goes Local

Ryan Anderson, MD of Olympia Washington USA, turns his eye to a local Northwestern artist by adding to his collection of six Sam Roloff paintings.

Dr. Anderson and his wife Maria have collected paintings for many years during there travels.  Their first Roloff, a water color titled “Mushroom Farm” was acquired in 1986.  The Anderson’s appreciate how Sam has evolved over the decades especially in regards to his landscape work.

Roloff’s current choice of mediums such as heavy wax and multiple layers of oil have really drawn attention to their collection.  They are also intrigued with the Back-Story Underpainting genre of which Roloff is a pioneer.  Visitors to the Anderson home are universally enthusiastic about Roloff’s robust and quirky style.

Lately, Dr. Anderson has become enamored with Roloff’s female portraits.  “It’s the blazoned eyes that really get me” confesses Dr. Anderson who feels that his everyday life is really affected by the paintings.  “I almost feel guilty looking at them” states Dr. Anderson, but then adds with a smile, “my wife gave me permission to stare”.

Dr. Ryan Anderson stands in front of "It used to be Red on Red..."