The Swan and The Goat – A Love Story

I was approached by The Olanders to paint a painting that would have their “Back-Story” within the layers of the piece. The original commission was for one large 6 x 4 foot painting, so I decided to do two paintings so that they could then choose which one they liked better. The one shown is the second of the two.

The stretcher bars were crafted by hand from a master wood builder, Erik Sorensen. The material that was stretched over the wood was bed sheet linen because of its fine quality and approximant size to an actual bed, keeping consistent with the “Love Story” theme. From here on the canvas would be seen as a bed as well as a blank canvas.

This one was less literal than the first one. This one started with cans of enamel paint from “Miller Paint” the paint was then dripped on with a brush in the same fashion as Jackson Pollack. Later I added the words “Nike” because the husband of the client works for Nike and I knew this is a large part of their life.

The swan represents the natural beauty of women while the goat symbolizes man and his rough exterior. The two together, share a timeless love story much like The Beauty and the Beast. The date 1967 which is the birth year of the clients and the artist is also the summer of love, so the date fits perfectly within the theme.

Cathrine Orlander