Amanda Knox – AKA Foxy Knoxy

“Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend are found guilty in Italy of murdering British student Meredith Kercher in 2007.”

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Later this year you will be invited to a be an artist for the night. My latest painting, “Amanda Knox” will be worked on by anyone who shows up. Is she guilty or innocent? Speak your mind on the canvas! The underpainting is nearly done and now only you can help finish it in true “Back-Story Underpainting” fashion.

This Friday you can come and view the painting before she goes back into the studio for more work. Once she is done then the Ransom note will be sent out. Once this is sent there will be a countdown to the defacing of the painting if the ransom is not met. The defacing consist of letting anyone write whatever they like ontop of the painting before I add the final layers hiding the peice forever. There will be a book with photos so that the process is well documented.

Come to Urban Grind Coffeehouse (off Sandy Blvd and 22nd) 2214 NE Oregon St. Portland OR 97232, Friday Feb 5th, 5 -7 pm and see the piece before the capture and ransom begin.