rdEVOLUTION 2010: Story and Interpretation (part of the Fertile Ground Festival)

Created by Artistic Director & Principal Curator Adrienne Fritze

rdEVOLUTION 2010 is an ongoing collective story – told in pictures, words, movement and sound  – about the future of our species and our responsibility to the world. The works  – combining a variety of visual arts and technology-driven art forms – are explorations addressing the idea of evolution – intentional or otherwise…

Read more about it here, www.workingartistsnetwork.com/wan-events/fertile-ground-festival

Event Date: Jan 22 through Feb 2

Urban Grind Coffeehouse
2214 NE Oregon, Portland OR 97232
Hours: M-F, 7A-5P; Sat, 9A-5P
Sunday Jan 24th, 4:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Artists’ Reception and 1st raffle drawing.