Fear of the Circus

Medium:  Oil on Gesso Paper
Size:  6 x 4 feet
Price:  Sold
Date:  1992 -2008
This painting was created when I was still at the San Francisco Art Institute. I think of it as my first painting, I have done others but they were much smaller. During this time at school I was studying print making so the method I used was heavily based on Etching. This approach can be scene by the thin layers of oil paint that was brushed on but then later whipped off after it was allowed to dry a bit, this leaves more paint in the texture of the surface.Then graphic was used to outline the figures.
It was later finished off when a glaze and then framed. The framing was done in Portland Oregon by ColumbiaArtandDrafting.com. They failed to glue the paper onto backing board correctly leaving some very noticeable bubbles.
This painting is now currently owned by Kevin Crawford owner of Urban Grind in Portland Oregon. The painting currently is being displayed privately in the conference room in the Urban Grind NE.