Sassy Vs. Chivalry

Medium: Oil on Panel
Size: 49 1/2” x 24”
Date: 1997 – 2009
Owned by Jeremy Roloff of Little People, Big World

This painting deals with the courtship rituals, where the woman in the center of the painting is being courted by two different young men. The young man to the left is on a Vespa Scooter sticking his tongue out, not at the young woman but at the viewer. To the far right is the older more classic approach of a Medieval Horse Rider Jousting for the victory of the woman. The woman in the center has yet to make up her mind in fact she seems preoccupied with the feeding of her pet dragon.

The painting was given as a gift to Jeremy Roloff and the meaning of it was explained on the tv show “Little People, Big World” on TLC.