Froelick Gallery – Undresssing Room

Undressing Room
Our annual juried group exhibition
JUNE 5 – JULY 14, 2012

The undraped figure is among art’s most frequently revisited subjects. Accordingly, the nude has accumulated countless layers of meaning over the millennia- fertility, heroism, frailty, holiness and hedonism are just a few. Life drawing is a fixture of art education. Given all of this baggage, what does the nude figure mean today? Is it an amalgam of cultural definitions, or has it, through repetition, transcended- or lost- its significance?

The body can act as a portal through which many things may be examined. Whether partially clothed or not at all, alone, in a pair or a group, modest, suggestive or overtly sexual, female, male, androgynous or transgendered, we invited artists to approach this ubiquitous subject from a fresh angle.