King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

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Title: King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
Medium: Oil on Linen
Size: 48 x 72 inches
Series: Olander
ID#: SGR3012
Year: 2009 – 2011
Price: SOLD – In the private collection of  Kari Freeberg Carney of Portland

The creation of this painting was inspired by a patron’s commission.  It is part of a series called “Olander” which sprouted and flourished as a sub-series of Back-Story Underpainting.

Starting in October 2009, Cathrine Olander commissioned me to paint a “Back-Story Underpainting” and to finish it off in a new way.  The method I was using at the time involved burying the back-stories underneath layers of paint and completing the final layer in the style of my Northwestern series.

At the request of Mrs. Olander, a new series was born.  Originally from Sweden and currently living in Portland, she and her husband wanted a painting that would represent a time capsule of their journeys.  While elements of their life story are buried deep within layers of paint, the under paintings are allowed to partially show through to the surface.  This technique allows the viewer to receive hints of the back-story.  Finally, the painting is shrouded in thin translucent shades of white and grey paint.

The result is stunning!

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