Spring Release 2009 with Ant DNA

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Title: Spring Release 2009 with Ant DNA
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 40 x 30
Series: Northwestern
ID#: SGR2991
Year: 2009
Price: SOLD Held in the Private collection of  Dr. Ryan Anderson.
Behind this painting is a landscape of a winter scene that was symbolically overtook by this later version.

On the first day of spring I painted over the existing painting. With a colony of ants that lives outside my studio I was able to capture a few of the flying queens in the glazes. the brush was not used much in the later stages but rather I just poured the glazes on and tilted the canvas to get it to move around.

On the back of the canvas you will see a rip this is from a very unfortunate accident where this painting fell off the wall and onto this one.

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