Jory Soil Oil Painting

This painting explores the soil of the Oregon in three steps.

The first square to the left has the soil in its raw state, dug from the vineyards of Archery Summit. The soil was then crushed down and filtered through a cheesecloth, where then the powered pigment was loosely applied to the canvas with a spray on adhesive. It was the only way to preserve the true color of the reddish soil, in fact the act of spaying on the glue changed the color ever so slightly to a darker red, I suggest that the owner brush off the top layer to reveal it’s truest hue.

The second or middle square represents the Linseed Oil that one mixes to the pigment to make an oil paint. The glaze was applied with a squirt bottle and in a very whimsical way.

The third and final square shows the combination of the first two portions. Which resulted in the creation of Jory Soil Oil Paint. This was then applied to the canvas in a way that will display the paint in it’s darkest and lightest hues.

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Title: Jory Soil Oil in Three Steps
Size: 30 x 60 inches
Medium: Mixed Media (Jory Soil and Oil)
ID#: SGR3059
Year: 2010
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